Securing Tenants

Finding a trustworthy tenant who stays long enough to take care of your property can be quite an arduous process. At the same time, long-term leases to strangers can cause anxiety to prospective landlords as well!

Identifying a good replacement isn't always easy either, as it takes your precious time to show your property to potential tenants without any guarantees. Indeed, the difference between reliable tenants and any other tenant out there can cost you a good night’s sleep… or more!

We save you time and effort in the line of securing a reliable tenant for your property. We take the initiative, find the right tenant, and take responsibility for replacing them when they leave the property. We advertise the condominium, fix appointments and show prospects around the flat... while also selling them on it as much as possible! The bottom line: we maintain your asset in a way that’s as competitive as possible, in the eyes of these potential tenants.

Our expertise in this area delivers priceless value. That’s why so many of our loyal landlord partners have stayed with us for more than a decade, entrusting us with more and more units.

With the effort of finding prospects nullified, your renting experience becomes infinitely easier. It is almost guaranteed that your property will be constantly under rent, with tenants coming in and out, one replacing the other. No more worries that your property will lie empty for a prolonged period, cutting down significant valuable return on your investment!

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Securing Tenants

A crucial determining factor of your property is the quality of your Tenant! As long as you have a reliable tenant, your condominium is your asset… but having no such guarantee can be a source of stress, and convert the space into a liability. Move beyond with EVO House.

Drawing up Tenancy Agreements

Simplify the technicalities. Work with our team for efficient tenancy agreements!

Collecting Monthly Rent

“Your rent is due.” We at EVO House ensure that we are the ones who follow up and collect the money owed to you. Whether you’re in town or travelling, your rent will find you. On-time!