Maximize the return of your asset with EVO House


There are two ways in which you can work with EVO House as an Investor. As Investors in EVO House, you can entrust your condominium unit to us as a rental space. You may choose to benefit in the form of a fixed monthly income, or based on a profit-sharing structure.

We are also expanding into commercial building, utilizing a commercial hotel building to enhance the range of managed accommodation options on offer from EVO. This offers a lucrative investment opportunity for our investors, as it taps into a commercial zoning asset class of scarce supply and high value.

Renting out a flat as a student hostel

Generating optimum ROI on your property…
Reducing vacancies between rental terms…
Letting the expert manage and eliminate property management effort from your side…
Minimizing middleman costs…
Enjoying peace of mind!

Take action now by creating student luxury accommodation from your condominium asset, via EVO House. Make the smart and strategic investment decision!

Opt-in for this win-win solution; you get your property generating income faster, EVO House may have more houses to put out there, and the students we accommodate get more options!

Investing in EVO House's Hotel

Singapore is a rapidly growing economy, and the students entering our boundaries are looking for an increasing standard of luxury and security. That’s where our new hotel selection comes in! EVO House’s upcoming hotel will provide a new level of highly luxurious accommodation to students dwelling in the city. The best in class to study, live and play!

If you're interested in investing in our hotel, contact +65 6384 6108.


Securing Tenants

A crucial determining factor of your property is the quality of your Tenant! As long as you have a reliable tenant, your condominium is your asset… but having no such guarantee can be a source of stress, and convert the space into a liability. Move beyond with EVO House.
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Drawing up Tenancy Agreements

Simplify the technicalities. Work with our team for efficient tenancy agreements!
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Collecting Monthly Rent

“Your rent is due.” We at EVO House ensure that we are the ones who follow up and collect the money owed to you. Whether you’re in town or travelling, your rent will find you. On-time!
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Managing Maintenance and Repairs

No complications with damage or mess. No more worries about the physical state of your property! We monitor your property up-keep closely, and bring issues to your notice in a timely manner.
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Property Marketing and Leasing

Investors can easily suffer a 20% loss of ROI on their condominium asset if it lies vacant for just a couple of months! Our top-class marketing eradicates your concerns of not securing a quality tenant in a timely manner.
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Investing in a New Line of Business

While we specialize in providing luxurious hostel accommodation for students, we believe in diversification. That’s why we’re enhancing our service offerings! Would you like to join our growth story?
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“We work with you to provide day-to-day management of the property. Your property agent is, after all, involved only at the start of the tenancy agreement and its conclusion. We work to ensure that your experience renting via EVO House gives you absolute customer satisfaction, every step of the way.”
“If you have idle property that you’re looking to rent out, it might make sense to entrust it with us. If on the other hand, you have idle cash that you’re looking to invest, do get in touch to discuss your options with us and start growing your wealth by riding on consistent capital appreciation in the commercial property asset class. ”
“With the rental model you get a fixed monthly income. We lease your condo based on an agreed-upon sum. You face no payment risk. EVO House is your tenant, and rent will reach you directly, regardless of occupancy of the condo.
Depending on the nature of the property, you may find that you get better returns from sharing the profits with us. With a percentage of the profits from all residents at your property, you may find this mode of engagement advantageous. The inherent risk is shared out between you and EVO House, and we are therefore able to offer quite attractive terms on the profit-sharing model. ”
“Various factors impact this. Do discuss with our team for more information on this.”
“There is next to no risk involved with the direct rental model. The profit sharing model also offers a nearly risk-free, relatively high return investment option, throughout good times and bad.
Contact our team today to understand the ins and outs of this investment option.”
“If you’re interested in investing through property, that is by giving out your condo on rent as part of our student hostel programme, the lock-in period is commonly two to five years. For our hotel investment, the anticipated minimum lock-in period is five years, in order to optimize your capital gain potential during monetization of your investment with us.”