Dream Home for Students

When finding the ideal home to live in for the tenure of your stay here in Singapore, there are multiple factors that come in to play. Finding a comfortable space to live in – finding someone you’re happy to share your house with – logistics, location, proximity – and of course, the actual facilities available at the premises.

Our committed team at EVO House works hard to ensure that we are able to tick all the boxes of your requirements and give you nothing short of a dream experience. That’s why you have the opportunity to personalise your home for the duration of your stay.

We also offer you the luxury of profile matching, to ensure that you get a good roommate who fits in with your personality.

Despite our highly affordable rates, we prioritise luxury, and our goal is to help give you the best possible environment for you to be able to focus completely on your studies, nurturing creativity and enjoyment at the same time!

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Convenient Locations

When living away from home, your surroundings matter as much as the space you live within. We offer the most convenient solution possible.

Affordable Prices

Our approach in pricing guarantees you comfort, security, no hidden costs, and most importantly – value for money.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our world-class facilities at EVO House offer more than just comfort and material needs. We offer the assurance of safety and security.